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    Noted entrepreneur and motivational speaker Michael Altshuler says, "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." Jason Eckhoff has been successfully piloting his time throughout his career where he holds time management as one of the greatest keys to his success. He learned it in the demanding world of restaurant management, and he's honed and adapted it in his real estate business as well. "I'm definitely a multitasker," he says. "You need to organize yourself because there's so many different aspects to your job." And while the deadlines may have gone from the frenetic restaurant pace of 1-minute from now or 5-minutes from now, to the real estate world where you have anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, it doesn't make them any less crucial or urgent. But adaptation and learning new things are what Jason is really all about. He voraciously digests continuing education opportunities and looks for new ways to service his clients or acquire a new skill. Even when Jason goes on vacation, he's not the type to just lay still on a beach. "I can't just go somewhere and do nothing. I'm planning a trip to Italy where we're going to go all over – Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice… it's going to be fun." When it comes to his colleagues, Jason appreciates his team's willingness not only to push him to work harder, but to allow themselves to be pushed by him. Nearly everyone has experience with other firms around town, and "while very few hit it out of the park the first time," eventually the team found the right fit. "That little bit of extra effort that people put in, make you put a little bit of extra in yourself." During his downtime, you can find Jason and his husband Scott at home tending to their garden or prepping for a softball tournament. They've successfully built the life they want together as they travel the world, indulge their love of food and wine, and appreciate to the utmost their time together considering their busy schedules. "I love my home and my family," says Jason."And I want the work I do to help people feel the exact same way. That's why it's so important to put that in that extra effort. You're helping people find happiness." Great things are possible when you manage your time properly. And when Jason is your pilot, time flies a little bit more efficiently.

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    Jason Eckhoff
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